Ivy Grange Farm

With campfires, big skies and plenty to do, yurt living at Ivy Grange Farm offers a great blend of outdoor holidays and luxury glamping in Suffolk, UK

Creating Wildlife Habitats

We're enjoying the (relatively) mild and certainly sunny winter days working outside, honing our dead-hedging skills making new habitat for wildlife in the "goose paddock" (where the newly built pizza oven is situated).  Our lovely tree surgeons have been busy pollarding our willows and doing some coppicing work so we've used the off-cuts of the willow branches to weave lots of dead hedging - which looks decorative in its lovely golden hue as well as providing a good home to all sorts of creatures over the colder winter months.  We'll be planting honeysuckles and other native species into the hedging, so over the next few years it should really be looking and smelling lovely!  

We've also been planting native trees and shrubs around the copses and in between some of the yurts and are planning a slightly different lay-out for the meadow, moving the entrance path further towards the centre of the meadow with the aim that the yurts all feel a bit more private - nothing major but we like to keep things feeling fresh!  Our kindling and campfire wood piles are being replenished over the winter, along with copious amounts of wood-chip, all ready for the start of the new season on 27th March.  We're looking forward to seeing lovely returning guests and welcoming new guests to the delights of Ivy Grange Farm yurt-life!  Happy New Year to one and all.


Dead hedging in the goose paddock