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Barn Owls and all things Green!

We've been having a lovely time today, learning how to be Barn Owl box monitors as part of the Suffolk Community Barn Owl Project.  Suffolk does brilliantly for barn owls and the eastern part where we are is particularly good.  We've got two boxes up in our meadow and are keeping our fingers crossed.  Taking part in today's training means that we will be licensed to check the boxes at the appropriate times of year to see whether they are in use and if they have eggs/fledglings.  It was a great day with an amazing group of people who are dedicated to securing the presence of the barn owl in our lovely Suffolk landscape.  As part of the training we went with qualified bird-ringers to check some of the boxes on the Heveningham Estate (who kindly hosted the training day) and found a lovely one year old barn owl, probably female, checking out a box in anticipation of nesting (called a "pioneer").  Got some amazing photos of this bird that feels truly Suffolk.  All the information gathered by the monitors gets fed into the British Trust for Ornithology Survey and the birds are ringed so that we can learn more about them to help ensure their continuing presence.  

Our other exciting piece of news when we got home is that we've been Shortlisted for the Suffolk Greenest County Sustainable Tourism Award.  The awards are being presented at Snape Maltings in April by Chris Packham, so we're already really excited about that; can't wait for April to come.  

Getting ready to ring a barn owl