Pizza Oven Course

We're just back from a one-day course in Fleggburgh in Norfolk (just an hour's drive) run by Kate Edwards, learning how to build a pizza oven from cob.  There was a great group of us and we had a lovely time learning all about cob and making the oven (we decided to add a dragon design to the oven, though I'm not sure how dragon-like it is!).  Kate spurred us all on at lunchtime by lighting her own oven and getting the pizzas through at record speed - they cooked in a couple of minutes and we had a lovely time watching (and filming - take a look at this clip!) before tucking in.  

The yurts come down and get packed away for the winter at the end of October and once we've done all our re-proofing and sorting jobs, our next job will be to build our own pizza oven for the yurts!  We're having fun at the moment working out the best site for it (as well as getting really ambitious with plans for cob benches...) and are really looking forward to getting stuck in.  We have plenty of our own clay that we can use (cob is part clay, part sand, part small gravel and part straw), so we'll only need to buy in some sand and gravel and then we're off.

If the idea of building your own pizza oven appeals, Kate runs day courses throughout the spring and summer - it takes an hour to get there from Ivy Grange Farm and we can highly recommend it.  You can see more of what she does here.  The course takes place is the most beautiful setting and I can guarantee that by the end of the day, you'll be dreaming of not just your own pizza oven but your own cob house, inspired by Kate and her amazing skills and enthusiasm.   

Watch this space for news of our progress...

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