Supermoon Night Walk with Dixe Wills!

Having run a couple of Night Walk events in 2012 and 2013, we're going one better this year, taking advantage of a "supermoon" in September (when the moon is slightly closer to the Earth and can seem up to 14% larger and 30% brighter).  Suffolk is great walking country and if you haven't been out for a night walk, then it's definitely worth factoring this event into your plans for the year (especially if one of your New Year's Resolutions was to enjoy new experiences!).  Experienced Night Walker, author and travel journalist Dixe Wills will introduce participants to some basic navigational skills needed for walking at night (not just the stars but also some useful things like using your senses of smell and hearing to help you determine where you are) and then lead a walk around some of Suffolk's most beautiful countryside.  Most of the walk is off-road and will take in coastline, estuary, forest and heath, countryside and town.  It's a wonderful experience - as your eyes begin to adapt to the dark and as the moon comes out, it's like experiencing a whole new world.  The Supermoon appears on 9th September - come and stay for 2 nights or longer and enjoy an amazing experience - have a look here for more info.

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