Pizza Oven is Go!

It's official, our lovely pizza oven is finished and has been formally put through its paces by our first set of guests at the weekend (thanks Claire McDonald and co!).  It passed with flying colours and whilst we've still got a bit of work to do landscaping the area around the oven (and putting a roof over it to keep the rain off), it's up and running for any of our guests who would like to rise to the challenge....

We've bought a pizza peel which you use to put the pizzas in the oven as well as a pair of bellows for keeping the fire going as and when needed and we've got the instructions for use, as well as our recommended pizza dough recipe, all neatly typed out.  It's a long-ish process - the cob oven has walls which are 7 inches thick right the way around and you have to light the oven a good couple of hours before you want to cook to ensure that the fire bricks on the base as well as the cob walls are good and hot and ready to cook your pizzas in double-quick time (a couple of minutes per pizza is about right).  

We'd like yurters to make use of the pizza oven and recognise that it might be a bit daunting for some; we'll work out how best to use it over the summer and are thinking about doing some pizza evenings - where we'll light it and manage the pizza cooking - during the school summer holidays.  We'll try it out this week (weather permitting) and report back.

We'll fire up the oven for our Super Full Moon Walk event on 9th September - should be fun and the good news is that we've still got some places, so get booking.  Imagine setting off at dusk for a beautiful walk to the light of the full moon with your tummy full of lovely stone-baked pizza!

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