Bell Tent is open for business!

Our brand new Bell Tent is up and running for the season and looking gorgeous!  Bell Tent is giving Barn Owl a run for its money on the romance stakes - one engagement already with more celebrations in the pipeline.  Remember that if you have a special occasion to mark you can order a bottle or half bottle of Adnams champagne to be nicely chilled awaiting your arrival, beautifully presented along with two of our vintage champagne glasses.

Bell Tent is 5m in diameter, so it's a great size for a couple with lovely head height - have a look at the gallery for the photos we've just uploaded.  There's all the usual cooking equipment as well as extra-special BonFire campfire cookpot, tripod and kettle if you want to get serious about your campfire cooking.

Whether you're a serious camper or new to glamping, we hope that Bell Tent will offer just what you want - why not come and give it a try?

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