We've been delighted to receive reports of snuffling hedgehogs from our yurt guests over the past month or so; you will probably know that hedgehogs are sadly becoming an endangered species and as we have them around and about the garden and meadow we are doing what we can to help them survive and prosper.  So we've been building Hog Hotels as well as Beetle Banks (on the basis that the more we can help buglife, the more likely we are to have lots of hedgehogs, birds etc).  And no sooner did Nick finish painting the Hog Hotel sign than we had a call from a neighbour requesting a hedgehog re-homing!  We introduced him/her to their new home - a concrete drainpipe filled with straw - and s/he was off, snuggling down for the day to build up energy for the night ahead.

And now we know what they get up to when they are prowling around the site at night.  We're indebted to Sally Bassett for this photo of a hedgehog, snuggled up between  two bricks by the campfire embers down by Yellowhammer yurt, having snacked on a slice of pizza she had been looking forward to eating after her moonlit shower!  

Sally (she of the hedgehog photo) has started a great new venture in the village, Sunnyside Teas, on Thursdays and Fridays during August.  Well worth looking in if you fancy a little stroll - the homemade lemonade comes highly recommended.