April's Nightingale Full Moon Walk!

We're already looking forward to our Full Moon Walk in April on the evening of Saturday the 23rd.  It will follow the route of a walk we did at the same time last year - besides the fun of hearing the wading birds all making a fuss about going to bed as the moon comes up, we were delighted to be serenaded as we walked back up the Blyth estuary by the male nightingales calling to the females as they flew in on migration, from the branches overhead.  The walk will be about 6 miles over fairly level terrain, we walk without the use of torches (unless we meet a car on the occasional bit of road-walking) and generally have a great time!  We'll set off around 7pm and the walk will take about two and a half hours (it's a bit slower walking at night and we like to stop sometimes to listen or look!).  All you need is a decent pair of walking boots and suitable clothing.  If you fancy joining us, we still have yurts available for the weekend and we'd love to welcome you along.