Putting up a Mongolian yurt

We've had a great March, putting up the yurts again with help from friends and family!  There's always great interest from guests about how the yurts are constructed - Woodpecker, our traditional Mongolian, is the largest and we thought you might enjoy some photos of the process!  Paul Jackson and Adele Goodchild helped with Woodpecker (always easier with 4 people for this bigger yurt) and the photos are courtesy of Adele (with thanks!).  

In the photos, Paul and Nick are raising the crown (or wheel) on two crown supports; after this we slot all the roof poles in (making sure the decorative painted side is facing in); the final picture shows you how it looks once the wooden structure is in place before we add the layers of thick felt, canvas and then the decorative cover.  It's a full day's work, but great fun when done in good company.