Weekend Availability and Full Moon Meanders...

We're delighted to be featured in a new book by nature and travel writer Jini Reddy, who joined us last year for one of our monthly Full Moon Meanders.  Jini's Wild Times book launches later in October; we haven't seen it yet but are already very excited!  The London launch is inked into our diary - Jonathan Porritt is one of the attractions, as is a catch-up with old friends and a visit to a city that has changed so much in the handful of years since we've left.  We've ordered copies of the book ("Extraordinary experiences connecting with nature in Britain") for sale in our informal "camp shop" (along with Cool Camping's Glamping Getaways, featuring Barn Owl yurt on the front cover!), so save up your pennies for next year.  

And if you want to experience the glories of the Suffolk night skies for yourself (without a moon at the moment, so you get fabulous views of the Milky Way as compensation...) there's still a weekend available in Lapwing yurt for the 30th September and 1st October; after that, we go into serious cleaning and re-proofing mode before before taking the yurts down for the winter.  They'll go up again for the 2017 season starting on Friday 24th March.  Our calendar is open for 2017 and we've already had a lot of returning guests booking, so if you have a specific date in mind (a birthday, anniversary or other celebration), don't delay!

Heated woodland showers
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