Bats in the belfry!

We love our bats and enjoy seeing them skimming the meadow at dusk, hunting for insects and chattering away!  We've even invested in a bat detector so we there's a mix of pipistrelles and long-eared bats here.  Our village church is rich in bats in the belfry (amongst other places) and a lot of work is going into ensuring a healthy population; it's a lovely walk or cycle at dusk to experience them all coming out and we're arranging a full moon walk and bat talk on Wednesday 6th September with an expert from Suffolk Widlife Trust so that we can learn more about them and get to play with yet more bat detectors!  Some Natterer bats were recently re-homed in the church and we were lucky enough to get this amazing photo of them - if you fancy getting up close and personal to bats, Ivy Grange Farm is the place to be on 6th September!