Join our 2017 Full Moon Walks!

New Year, New Ambitions!  Everyone knows that walking is good for you, however, you did you know that walking by the light of the moon is not just uplifting, but an experience that you'll remember for a lifetime!  We're now into our third year of monthly full moon walks and we've seen and heard some amazing things - barn owls, tawny owls, a nightjar flutttering in front of us as we crossed Dunwich Heath, thick sea mists, a badger, otter prints, seals, bats, water voles, amazing moon shadows, glow-worms (dozens on one occasion!), ancient pollards, a unicorn (well, there's some debate about that photo...) and so much more,  Our walks have featured in The Guardian, The Metro and two books - Jini Reddy's Wild Times and Dixe Wills' At Night (both recommended reading of course).  We've discovered that a full moon walking group is a rare thing indeed, so if you've ever fancied trying it and feel the need for a bit of group support, then you've come to the right place.  We run the walks every month, weather permitting, and have a good selection of routes, estuary, coastal, heatahland and rural farmland.  The walks are generally about 5 miles, across level terrain and are suitable for anyone - including children - of reasonable fitness.  Start times vary according to the time of the year but always include some walking in the dark (you get more "dark" walking in spring and autumn than the height of summer when the daylight hours are long).  We've set the dates for the year ahead; if you are planning to stay in a yurt and come along, just book for the appropriate dates and let us know so we can be sure to advise you about the planned route.  There's usually between 10-20 walkers, we try not to use torches, you'll need good walking boots and there are no dogs on these walks.

2017 dates during our season are:  Tuesday 11 April; Wednesday 10 May; Saturday 10 Jun; Saturday 8 July; Sunday 6 August, Wednesday 6 September; Thursday 5 October.

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