Welcome to 2018

We enjoyed a relaxing December with lots of social activities and plenty of table tennis practise!  We're now getting down to business and planning for the new season starting at the end of March.  For those who admired the lovely willow and dog-wood sun sculpture we commissioned from local artists Adele Goodchild which adorns the end of the barn, you'll be pleased to hear that she's working on a range of new art/nature projects for us for 2018, so watch this space.  We're hoping to enhance the wildlife nature walk around the edge of the meadow that we started last year so we're already working on new habitats and signs for that.  Yesterday's sunshine was great for working in the lower copse - weeding and mulching all the whips we've planted and doing a little bit of tree pruning and re-building some of the dead hedging.  It's great to be out in the meadow in the good weather and we've enjoyed hearing the buzzards overhead as well as kestrels (often trying to move the buzzards on) and fieldfare cackling overhead.  We're keeping an eye open for the weasles too - we had our first sighting of one in the meadow last year - as well as the stoats who are more regular visitors.  Bookings have been coming in over the Christmas period and we're really looking forward to seeing so many returning guests back here from March onwards.  Here's to 2018!

Heated woodland showers
Cob pizza oven