The yurt meadow was surveyed by a wildflower expert in June and she found 47 different species of grasses and wildflowers on a single day!  As many of you will know, we try to manage the meadow to encourage wildlife and have a grass-and-wildlflower-friendly cutting regime, with different sections cut at different times.  We also have a fenced off section where we sow seeds to support farmland birds throughout the year as many of these are now sadly in decline; we're lucky to be rewarded with the near-constant song of the yellowhammer throughout the summer as well as skylarks overhead and swallows and swifts.  But there's always more to be done, so we're planning to repeat the survey on a regular basis to see how we're doing and to ensure we're on track to be as wildlife friendly as possible.  Adele Goodchild (whose name you might know as the artist behind the various willow sculptures and other artworks dotted around) spent an afternoon photographing flowers, grasses and insects and you can find the new album here on the Gallery page.  

Heated woodland showers
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