Single Use Plastic

Last year we started a  "plastic" group in our village, to explore what we could do to reduce our own personal use of plastic and help others to do the same.  We met some great new people, had fun along the way (ask Nick about making the plastic flowers!) and had lots of fun pizza evenings using ingredients that hadn't come packaged in plastic (surprisingly easy, we discovered).  We became aware, however, that no matter how much we cut down our own use, it wasn't helping much if our recycling bins were still filled with lots of plastic from our yurt guests.  So we did some research and discovered that half of the contents of the recycling bins were single-use-plastic drinks bottles, the majority of which were water bottles.  Even though all our water is drinking-quality, we realised that not everyone likes the taste of our Suffolk tap-water (us included, we have to confess) so we set about trying to find a way to provide filtered water for our guests that would be easy to manage, fun, and wouldn't use endless plastic filters.  We came across the wonderful Berkey - an 8.5 litre stainless-steel, charcoal-based filtering system which seems to fit the bill.  It arrived today, we've put it together, "primed" it and will test it out for a couple of weeks to make sure it's up to scratch.  And then it will move to the barn to provide beautifully filtered water for our yurt guests.  We very much hope that you will enjoy using it and that it will enable you to feel you can come and stay without needing to bring bottled water.

We'd really welcome your feedback on this initiative and any ideas you have for other ways we could help keep plastic use to a minimum whilst you are staying.  We're conscious, living close to such beautiful coastllne, that we all need to play our part to keep it clean and fun for everyone to enjoy.  Let us know what you think!

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