Coronavirus and Life at Ivy Grange Farm

We've been missing our yurt guests - from Easter onwards it's been very quiet on the human front.  The wildlife, however, has been making up for it - we've got swallows, a red kite, a kestrel family, a little owl, a jackdaw family, a fox or two, plenty of bunnies as well as a hare, moorhens (or water hens as they're known here), ducks and plenty of butterflies and insects.  Adele Goodchild, who has created our willow art works and sculptures is also a talented photographer and had a wander round the meadow a week ago in the sunshine and caputured plenty of wildlife action so we thought we'd share her work with you, which we think is fabulous!

We are hoping to be open from 4th July, along with other hospitality businesses and are taking bookings for the summer and beyond.  We have extended our season this year and will stay open till the end of October to ensure that as many of you as possible can get your Ivy Grange Farm "fix".  In line with emerging industry practice, we are now taking a 25% deposit (rather than 50%) with the balance payable a month beforehand (though we can flex this to a shorter period depending on how things are looking), as usual.  This deposit will be non-refundable in the event of cancellation due to a resurgence of Coronavirus.  In this case, we remain happy to move your booking to another date or to issue vouchers for the value of your deposit.  We hope you will understand our reasons for this change - our fixed overheads account for about 25% of our turnover (this doesn't include paying ourselves), so it costs us a substantial amount each year just to be open even without anyone staying (don't get us started on insurance!).  We are a small business and in order to continue to operate we need to share the risks with you, our delightful guests. We have managed to rebook all but one of our displaced bookings so far this year and so don't expect your deposit to be at risk.  

We're already looking forward to seeing many of you back here and have been working hard in the meadow to improve the "wow" factor and have one or two surprises in store....  Hoping you are all staying safe and well and sending virtual hugs.

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