Winter projects

We are having a lovely, busy, winter!  The pergola by the pizza oven is now well underway, with the wooden frame pretty much in place, just the roof to go on and some trellis to finish.  The grapevine (Reliance) went into the ground before winter, the plan being that it will romp away over the pergola and provide bunches of grapes in a year or two for someone to peel for you whilst your pizza cooks.  We're re-working the path through to the pizza area from the barn to make it easier to get backwards and forwards and Nick's been designing some great seating and long oak tables for the pergola space. Can't wait to see the first pizza evening!  

We've been doing a lot of landscaping too, with the hedge by the roadside now in hand (it was beginning to go to scrub!) and plans for improved wildlife habitats - strips of bird-friendly seeds and plants, improved dead-hedging for over-wintering creatures, more hedgehog hotels (hedgehogs were very popular with our yurt guests last season!) and cleaning out of the bird and barn-owl boxes.  The barn owl has been for a few visits over the winter, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for a resident owl in the spring.  We've been trying to work out a wildlife info sheet for children (and maybe adults) to use to highlight different features of the meadow, so watch this space....   Our campfire-wood pile is growing very nicely - we are now expert wood-splitters and the Norwegian Wood book has become our bible.  

Our 10 Favourite Days Out now have their own section on the website - it's a bit of a short-cut to some of the lovely things to do around and about (if we were here for a week or so we'd love to do all of them), whether you're here for a romantic break, a family holiday, or just getting away with some friends.  We've included QR codes so that you can scan the info into your phone and head off; we'll also have a folder here with all the info for anyone who likes something a bit more traditional!

We've been doing very well with bookings - many of our lovely guests booked immediately for the new season whilst they were here in 2015 - and are looking forward to being included in the new Glamping Getaways book being published by Cool Camping later this year, as well as a fun nature at night book coming out this summer.  Very much looking forward to seeing familiar faces in the new season and meeting new guests when we re-open for Easter!  And very excited to see that we're top of the list for Mumsnet's Top 10 Glamping Sites!!  Delighted to be taking bookings already from the Mumsnet crowd. 

And, we've made more marmalade!!

Pergola in progress

Full Moon Walks

Our September walk, celebrating the first anniversary of our monthly walks went brilliantly well, with clear skies, as is so often the case on full moon nights, and lots of walkers.  12 of us set off up the River Waveney from Beccles in Big Dog Ferry and met another 10 people at the Lock's Inn at Geldeston (always a treat) before returning to Beccles along the north bank of the river.  As is becoming usual, we had a great barn owl sighting in Geldeston, were serenaded by tawny owls through the woods and used the bat detector to listen to pipistrelles over the marshes.  What an evening with a lovely bunch of people!  Here's to the next one...  If you are interesting, keep an eye on our FaceBook page where we always post the walks with details of date/time/route.  Thanks to Richard Dwelly for this photo of us setting off up the river and to Sally Harrington for the lovely moon shots - this was the Super Moon and night of the eclipse.  

Thank You...

To all our wonderful yurt guests this year.  It's been fantastic to see so many familiar faces returning and to meet lots of lovely new people.  We've had the most enjoyable year and are already looking forward to 2016.  This week the yurts start coming down to be fully proofed and packed away till we start again next March.  Until then....

Mists and mellow fruitfulness

It's a great autumn for berries and all things autumnal, from fungus to haw and blackberries.  We love seeing the change of season and how our yurt guests enjoy different aspects of the environment.  One of our lovely yurt guests meandered round the meadow a week ago and took these shots of yurt-life in the autumn, which we thought we'd share with you...  Thanks Adele.  

Swallow yurt with the fire going

September's Super Full Moon Walk

We're planning for the September Full Moon Walk on Sunday 27th and already looking forward to it!  This will be the 4th year we've run the walk though this time we'll be leading it ourselves, without Dixe Wills who is currently out of the country.  As usual, we'll post details of the walk on our FaceBook page (worth "liking" us if you haven't already, to keep up-to-date with any late availability, special offers and general news and photos) with timings and you can sign up there.  Don't worry if you're not on FB, as the posts appear on our website front page too.  We're planning to walk along the River Waveney and, with a super full moon in the off-ing (the moon will be closer to the Earth than usual and appears larger) it should be a great event.