We've been delighted to receive reports of snuffling hedgehogs from our yurt guests over the past month or so; you will probably know that hedgehogs are sadly becoming an endangered species and as we have them around and about the garden and meadow we are doing what we can to help them survive and prosper.  So we've been building Hog Hotels as well as Beetle Banks (on the basis that the more we can help buglife, the more likely we are to have lots of hedgehogs, birds etc).  And no sooner did Nick finish painting the Hog Hotel sign than we had a call from a neighbour requesting a hedgehog re-homing!  We introduced him/her to their new home - a concrete drainpipe filled with straw - and s/he was off, snuggling down for the day to build up energy for the night ahead.

And now we know what they get up to when they are prowling around the site at night.  We're indebted to Sally Bassett for this photo of a hedgehog, snuggled up between  two bricks by the campfire embers down by Yellowhammer yurt, having snacked on a slice of pizza she had been looking forward to eating after her moonlit shower!  

Sally (she of the hedgehog photo) has started a great new venture in the village, Sunnyside Teas, on Thursdays and Fridays during August.  Well worth looking in if you fancy a little stroll - the homemade lemonade comes highly recommended.

hedgehog in residence

Full Moon Walks

We enjoyed a fantastic full moon walk on 1st July - it was an amazingly warm evening, one of those days when you were pleased to be cooler inside during the day and happy to come out at night.  We had a group of 22 - a record so far - and everything went according to plan!  The moon rose over the sea at Walberswick while we were having a half-way break, snack and socialise; barn owls had been hunting over the reed-beds and we'd seen small starling murmurations as well as birds of prey and all sorts.  Walking across the boardwalk through the swampy woodland was amazing - it felt more like Louisiana than Suffolk.  We were out for 3 hours, covered just over 5 miles and much laughter was heard!  Our friend Adele has been taking some great photos for us - you'll see them popping up all over the website - including these from the walk. 

Our next walk is on Saturday 1st August - route tbc.  We'll create an event on our FaceBook page, so keep an eye out there for details nearer the time.

July Special Offer Yurts

Take advantage of our July madness and the glorious heatwave!  A late cancellation which has freed up a week in Swallow - one of our favourite yurts - from Friday 10th July.  Book a week's stay for a mad £450!  Swallow is our newest yurt and is deeply romantic with its red-lined interior and exotic furniture; great for a couple or with a child - yours for just £450 for a whole week.  And at one of the nicest times of the year, when the days are still wonderfully long and the sun is guaranteed to shine (this is Suffolk, after all, one of the driest places in the country - technically a desert).  This is also the last opportunity you have before September to sample a week at Ivy Grange Farm.  Go on, you know you've been promising yourself, now's your chance.

And if you really can't get away for a week, we've knocked down the prices from 5 nights onwards so that you simply pay £450 for 5, 6 or 7 nights; what's not to like?  Just go online and book, but get in quick before someone else beats you to it.  


Late Availability Offer in June!

We still have mid-week gaps in June and we hate to see empty yurts!  Book 3 nights or more and add an extra night for free any time during the month of June (this includes the few weekend gaps we have left!).  Book now for a great deal and your choice of dates.



Green Tourism

Here it is, hot off the press, Nick and Kim receiving the Suffolk Greenest County award for Sustainable Tourism for Springwatch's very own Chris Packham (who had some lovely lovely things to say about Suffolk, and he wasn't even born here!).

We had a great afternoon at the awards which were held at Snape Maltings, which is always a treat to go to - amazing views from the upstairs restaurant area across the reed beds and, as usual, the sun shone and everyone was happy to be milling around outside, taking in the glorious scenery and the Barbara Hepworth and Sarah Lucas sculptures.  We met some great people doing amazing green things in Suffolk (no hair-shirts present) - from Alder Carr ice cream (one of our favourites) to Adnams with their local foodwaste recycling.  

We're very proud to have been recognised for our green work - all designed to ensure you have the best possible break with the minimum possible impact.  This means no oil or mains gas on site (wood-pellets and solar panels for hot water and electricity), lots and lots of native planting to encourage wildlife; habitat creation (hedgehog hotels and lots of dead hedging to encourage insects for the birds to feed on) and much much more.  If you haven't been to visit, come and check us out; if you have, why not make a return visit and see what we've been doing over the winter...

Photo by Andy Abbott, courtesy of EADT