April Special Offer

Spring has truly sprung in sunny Suffolk and to celebrate the glorious weather we're offering special prices for the rest of the month - 20% off all yurt bookings. We've got weekend and mid-week availability and would love to see the yurts busy and the pizza oven glowing!  It's easy to take adventage of our offer - just book online where the special offer prices are all set up!  Look forward to seeing you here soon!  And if you've already booked for our special offer period, get in touch and we'll make the same offer (runs from Friday 17th-Thursday 30th inclusive).

Welcome to Spring!

We've had a busy time getting ready for the spring, making dead-hedges from pollarded willows to encourage wildlife and using the off-cuts to create a "stepping stone" trail in Mike's Copse and to create some more poles for the den-building wood pile in the lower copse!  Nick has added to our collection of home made bird boxes too, so we're hoping for tree sparrows, great tits and blue tits this year!  We had a great trip down to Cornwall to pick up our new yurt, Swallow, which is now up but at the time of writing not yet furnished, so we've posting a few sneak preview photos of the putting up process and will add shots of the interior as soon as it's all good to go.

Our lovely friends Sally and Richard in the village have created a map of the site which shows the copses as well as where all our yurts are, so if you are coming with friends, you can work out the best yurts for you.  

We're looking forward to seeing lots of lovely returning guests this year as well as welcoming new and we hope that whether you are new or old (as it were) you'll find plenty of lovely things awaiting you here....

Creating Wildlife Habitats

We're enjoying the (relatively) mild and certainly sunny winter days working outside, honing our dead-hedging skills making new habitat for wildlife in the "goose paddock" (where the newly built pizza oven is situated).  Our lovely tree surgeons have been busy pollarding our willows and doing some coppicing work so we've used the off-cuts of the willow branches to weave lots of dead hedging - which looks decorative in its lovely golden hue as well as providing a good home to all sorts of creatures over the colder winter months.  We'll be planting honeysuckles and other native species into the hedging, so over the next few years it should really be looking and smelling lovely!  

We've also been planting native trees and shrubs around the copses and in between some of the yurts and are planning a slightly different lay-out for the meadow, moving the entrance path further towards the centre of the meadow with the aim that the yurts all feel a bit more private - nothing major but we like to keep things feeling fresh!  Our kindling and campfire wood piles are being replenished over the winter, along with copious amounts of wood-chip, all ready for the start of the new season on 27th March.  We're looking forward to seeing lovely returning guests and welcoming new guests to the delights of Ivy Grange Farm yurt-life!  Happy New Year to one and all.

Dead hedging in the goose paddock

Gift Vouchers and Contacting Us

Are you struggling to find a special present this Christmas?  Then never fear, we are here to help Ivy Grange Farm gift vouchers.  Gift Vouchers for a two night break (from £180) are an ideal present for a spercial person to enjoy a romantic and relaxing yurt holiday in idyllic Suffolk countryside.  Book before 15th December and we'll include a complimentary half-bottle of Champagne from local brewery Adnams (nicely chilled for enjoyment on arrival)..  Beautifully presented gift cards with space for you to personalise as required, we can offer these vouchers right up until the final Christmas posting dates. And of course we can also offer birthday and special occasion gift vouchers whenever you're looking for that something a little bit special. Let us know if you are interested by e-mailing further we can e-mail you details, or call us on 07802 456087 if you want to discuss further.

Contacting us:  it looks as though we have some problems with our email system at the moment so we aren't getting enquiries through.  If you have sent an enquiry through our website recently and haven't heard from us, do please give us a call; we always aim to reply to enquiries within 24 hours.  We're working to resolve the problem but in the meantime if you are interested in making a booking for 2015 do please call on 07802 456087.

Goodbye to Bell Tent + a name for our new Yurt; Plans for 2015

It's finally beginning to feel like autumn - the evenings are drawing in, campfires are much in evidence as are puffs of smoke from the wood-burners inside the yurts, and the owls seem to start hooting even earlier! The yurts stay up till late October but we've taken down our Bell Tent for the last time and are packing it away and looking forward to our new yurt from Tim Hutton at Yurtworks.  The new yurt will be the same size as Barn Owl (for couples/ family of 3) and will sit about half way down the meadow, where Bell Tent was.  We've been having fun choosing the serge lining (an orange-y red for the walls and pale linen colour for the roof) and have already found a gorgeous double bed with quilted headboard, very much French style.  And now we have to think about names - it won't have escaped your attention that all our yurts are named after birds, the names mostly tending to reflect the colours of their plumage; so any suggestions for our new yurt?  Could be Swallow, or Bullfinch, either of which would be OK - but do you have any ideas?  We'd like the name to reflect the native and migrant birds we have around here, so nothing too outlandish.  Any suggestions - or preferences between Swallow and Bullfinch - welcome!

And ideas for next year.  We have the pizza oven up and running and will be doing some landscaping work over the winter to turn this into a space that works well for small groups of people whilst retaining something of a rustic feel.  If you've used the pizza oven over the summer and have any ideas do let us know (   Other thoughts we've started mulling over include the possibility of reserving a week during the school summer holidays for adults only - we get a lot of teachers and others who are tied to the school holiday periods but don't have children, several of whom have said they might enjoy something like this.  Your thoughts and feedback welcome....  

And we really enjoyed our Full Moon Walk in September and are thinking about running these on a more regular basis, very informally, so that anyone who's around when there's a full moon might join us - and others from the village - on an amble through some local lanes.  Watch this space....

Finally, thanks for all your wonderful support and feedback this year - we've been lucky to have fabulous guests and are very much looking forward to welcoming you back as well as meeting new yurters!  

Landscaping plans for the Pizza Oven