Bell Tent is open for business!

Our brand new Bell Tent is up and running for the season and looking gorgeous!  Bell Tent is giving Barn Owl a run for its money on the romance stakes - one engagement already with more celebrations in the pipeline.  Remember that if you have a special occasion to mark you can order a bottle or half bottle of Adnams champagne to be nicely chilled awaiting your arrival, beautifully presented along with two of our vintage champagne glasses.

Bell Tent is 5m in diameter, so it's a great size for a couple with lovely head height - have a look at the gallery for the photos we've just uploaded.  There's all the usual cooking equipment as well as extra-special BonFire campfire cookpot, tripod and kettle if you want to get serious about your campfire cooking.

Whether you're a serious camper or new to glamping, we hope that Bell Tent will offer just what you want - why not come and give it a try?

Celebrate in Bell Tent!

Suffolk Walking Festival Accommodation!

We love exploring the lanes and footpaths and are looking forward to the 7th Suffolk Walking Festival, running from 10th May to 1st June.  We're very handily placed for Walk number 31 through The Saints (well worth exploring!) on 19th May and number 32 through nearby Harleston.  You can have a look at the Festival Programme here - there's stacks of different walks for all tastes, so if walking's your bag, why not sign up?

And on the subject of walking, tomorrow sees the first of our own "Wednesday Walks".  We're taking a walk every Wednesday (weather permitting, which it usally does in sunny Suffolk!), sometimes long, sometimes short, at different times of the day (including some walks by moonlight) and welcome along anyone who's staying.  They won't be strenuous - we'll do some of our current favourite walks (most likely a mix of coastal, heathland and estuary) as well as exploring some new countryside.  We'll also plan to take in some good birding places and hopefully share some of our knowledge and enthusiasm for our part of the lovely Waveney Valley.

The weather has been very kind to us over the Easter holidays and we've been delighted to see lots of returning guests and are already looking forward to a busy summer.  Bookings have been up on last year which is great for us - it's our 4th year now and it really feels as though things have bedded in well.  We've still got some summer holiday slots, so do check the availability calendar if you are thinking about a summer break - and watch this space for news of the our pizza oven (the base is in place, with just the oven itself to build now!).

Spring Glamping!

Those of you who have been following us on FaceBook will know that we've had a busy week!  We've had the best weather for putting up all 4 yurts and have enjoyed being out in the glorious spring sunshine.  We've been sowing seeds and planting potatoes in the veg beds, ready for the new season and are really looking forward to welcoming our first guests at the end of March.  The Easter holidays are looking nicely busy, with lots of returning guests, which is always encouraging!  There's still some spaces, so check the availability calendar if you are still thinking about plans for the holidays.  The spring flowers are all beginning to look lovely and the work we've been doing on getting some more light into the two copses has already paid off with lots of lesser celandines in flower and masses of bluebells promising...

Please keep your fingers crossed for us on the 28th March - we're finalists in the Suffolk Greenest County Business Awards and really excited.  There's an awards ceremony at Snape Maltings, with a buffet supplied by local food producers and we're very much looking forward to meeting the other category finalists and making some good new contacts.  There's a great local food and drink culture emerging in Suffolk, especially where we are up in the north east part of the county near Southwold - we can recommend if you want to know more....  

Woodpecker yurt under construction

Special Offer Glamping Breaks!

We love seeing our guests here and, frankly, we love seeing them here for longer than a weekend, so we've taken the bold step of reducing prices (outside the high season) to encourage you to stay longer.  Have a look at our new prices and be tempted, very tempted!  If this year is anything like last year, May will be glorious (at least in Sunny East Anglia) and you'll be kicking yourself if you've failed to take advantage of our amazing low prices.  And exploring the quiet country lanes by bike, taking a canoe out or walking along the Waveney River to the Locks inn or the Wherry at Geldeston is even more delightful outside of the main holiday season.  So don't delay, book today or risk being left behind!

And watch this space for some special events coming up in the summer months.  We're not spending the winter months holidaying in the Bahamas, but planning all sorts of adventurous activities for the glorious summer.  We can't wait.....

Waveney River Walk

Supermoon Night Walk with Dixe Wills!

Having run a couple of Night Walk events in 2012 and 2013, we're going one better this year, taking advantage of a "supermoon" in September (when the moon is slightly closer to the Earth and can seem up to 14% larger and 30% brighter).  Suffolk is great walking country and if you haven't been out for a night walk, then it's definitely worth factoring this event into your plans for the year (especially if one of your New Year's Resolutions was to enjoy new experiences!).  Experienced Night Walker, author and travel journalist Dixe Wills will introduce participants to some basic navigational skills needed for walking at night (not just the stars but also some useful things like using your senses of smell and hearing to help you determine where you are) and then lead a walk around some of Suffolk's most beautiful countryside.  Most of the walk is off-road and will take in coastline, estuary, forest and heath, countryside and town.  It's a wonderful experience - as your eyes begin to adapt to the dark and as the moon comes out, it's like experiencing a whole new world.  The Supermoon appears on 9th September - come and stay for 2 nights or longer and enjoy an amazing experience - have a look here for more info.

Night Walking in Suffolk