Thank You...

To all our wonderful yurt guests this year.  It's been fantastic to see so many familiar faces returning and to meet lots of lovely new people.  We've had the most enjoyable year and are already looking forward to 2016.  This week the yurts start coming down to be fully proofed and packed away till we start again next March.  Until then....

Mists and mellow fruitfulness

It's a great autumn for berries and all things autumnal, from fungus to haw and blackberries.  We love seeing the change of season and how our yurt guests enjoy different aspects of the environment.  One of our lovely yurt guests meandered round the meadow a week ago and took these shots of yurt-life in the autumn, which we thought we'd share with you...  Thanks Adele.  

Swallow yurt with the fire going

September's Super Full Moon Walk

We're planning for the September Full Moon Walk on Sunday 27th and already looking forward to it!  This will be the 4th year we've run the walk though this time we'll be leading it ourselves, without Dixe Wills who is currently out of the country.  As usual, we'll post details of the walk on our FaceBook page (worth "liking" us if you haven't already, to keep up-to-date with any late availability, special offers and general news and photos) with timings and you can sign up there.  Don't worry if you're not on FB, as the posts appear on our website front page too.  We're planning to walk along the River Waveney and, with a super full moon in the off-ing (the moon will be closer to the Earth than usual and appears larger) it should be a great event.  


We've been delighted to receive reports of snuffling hedgehogs from our yurt guests over the past month or so; you will probably know that hedgehogs are sadly becoming an endangered species and as we have them around and about the garden and meadow we are doing what we can to help them survive and prosper.  So we've been building Hog Hotels as well as Beetle Banks (on the basis that the more we can help buglife, the more likely we are to have lots of hedgehogs, birds etc).  And no sooner did Nick finish painting the Hog Hotel sign than we had a call from a neighbour requesting a hedgehog re-homing!  We introduced him/her to their new home - a concrete drainpipe filled with straw - and s/he was off, snuggling down for the day to build up energy for the night ahead.

And now we know what they get up to when they are prowling around the site at night.  We're indebted to Sally Bassett for this photo of a hedgehog, snuggled up between  two bricks by the campfire embers down by Yellowhammer yurt, having snacked on a slice of pizza she had been looking forward to eating after her moonlit shower!  

Sally (she of the hedgehog photo) has started a great new venture in the village, Sunnyside Teas, on Thursdays and Fridays during August.  Well worth looking in if you fancy a little stroll - the homemade lemonade comes highly recommended.

hedgehog in residence

Full Moon Walks

We enjoyed a fantastic full moon walk on 1st July - it was an amazingly warm evening, one of those days when you were pleased to be cooler inside during the day and happy to come out at night.  We had a group of 22 - a record so far - and everything went according to plan!  The moon rose over the sea at Walberswick while we were having a half-way break, snack and socialise; barn owls had been hunting over the reed-beds and we'd seen small starling murmurations as well as birds of prey and all sorts.  Walking across the boardwalk through the swampy woodland was amazing - it felt more like Louisiana than Suffolk.  We were out for 3 hours, covered just over 5 miles and much laughter was heard!  Our friend Adele has been taking some great photos for us - you'll see them popping up all over the website - including these from the walk. 

Our next walk is on Saturday 1st August - route tbc.  We'll create an event on our FaceBook page, so keep an eye out there for details nearer the time.