April's Full Moon Walk Saturday 23rd

Fancy walking by the light of the full moon?  Come and stay for the weekend of 22/23 April and join one of our full moon walks, always fun and a wonderful experience.  In April we're planning a walk along the Blyth Estuary, always a treat but especially so in spring, when we're hoping that the newly arrived nightingales will be serenading us as we walk.  The walk will be 5-6 miles, over fairly level terrain and suitable for anyone of reasonable fitness, you'll just need stout walking shoes and suitable clothing.  We set off at dusk and the walks generally take 3 hours, sometimes with the pub included.  We've still got some yurt availability and we'd love to welcome you along!  Just go online and book a yurt as normal and let us know that you'd like to join us - it couldn't be easier!

April's Full Moon Walk Saturday 23rd

Come and join us on Saturday 23 April for a walk by the Blyth Estuary - a beautiful spot at any time of the year but very special in late April, when we're hoping that we will be serenaded by the nightingales, just arrived to spend their summer here!  The walk will be 5-6 miles, across fairly level terrain and suitable for anyone who's reasonably fit.  We'll set off at dusk and are usually out for 3 hours, sometimes wth a pub involved!  Yurt guests are always welcome to come along and we still have some availability for that weekend!  

Putting up a Mongolian yurt

We've had a great March, putting up the yurts again with help from friends and family!  There's always great interest from guests about how the yurts are constructed - Woodpecker, our traditional Mongolian, is the largest and we thought you might enjoy some photos of the process!  Paul Jackson and Adele Goodchild helped with Woodpecker (always easier with 4 people for this bigger yurt) and the photos are courtesy of Adele (with thanks!).  

In the photos, Paul and Nick are raising the crown (or wheel) on two crown supports; after this we slot all the roof poles in (making sure the decorative painted side is facing in); the final picture shows you how it looks once the wooden structure is in place before we add the layers of thick felt, canvas and then the decorative cover.  It's a full day's work, but great fun when done in good company.  

April's Nightingale Full Moon Walk!

We're already looking forward to our Full Moon Walk in April on the evening of Saturday the 23rd.  It will follow the route of a walk we did at the same time last year - besides the fun of hearing the wading birds all making a fuss about going to bed as the moon comes up, we were delighted to be serenaded as we walked back up the Blyth estuary by the male nightingales calling to the females as they flew in on migration, from the branches overhead.  The walk will be about 6 miles over fairly level terrain, we walk without the use of torches (unless we meet a car on the occasional bit of road-walking) and generally have a great time!  We'll set off around 7pm and the walk will take about two and a half hours (it's a bit slower walking at night and we like to stop sometimes to listen or look!).  All you need is a decent pair of walking boots and suitable clothing.  If you fancy joining us, we still have yurts available for the weekend and we'd love to welcome you along.  

Moon rising over the Blyth estuary

Winter projects

We are having a lovely, busy, winter!  The pergola by the pizza oven is now well underway, with the wooden frame pretty much in place, just the roof to go on and some trellis to finish.  The grapevine (Reliance) went into the ground before winter, the plan being that it will romp away over the pergola and provide bunches of grapes in a year or two for someone to peel for you whilst your pizza cooks.  We're re-working the path through to the pizza area from the barn to make it easier to get backwards and forwards and Nick's been designing some great seating and long oak tables for the pergola space. Can't wait to see the first pizza evening!  

We've been doing a lot of landscaping too, with the hedge by the roadside now in hand (it was beginning to go to scrub!) and plans for improved wildlife habitats - strips of bird-friendly seeds and plants, improved dead-hedging for over-wintering creatures, more hedgehog hotels (hedgehogs were very popular with our yurt guests last season!) and cleaning out of the bird and barn-owl boxes.  The barn owl has been for a few visits over the winter, so we're keeping our fingers crossed for a resident owl in the spring.  We've been trying to work out a wildlife info sheet for children (and maybe adults) to use to highlight different features of the meadow, so watch this space....   Our campfire-wood pile is growing very nicely - we are now expert wood-splitters and the Norwegian Wood book has become our bible.  

Our 10 Favourite Days Out now have their own section on the website - it's a bit of a short-cut to some of the lovely things to do around and about (if we were here for a week or so we'd love to do all of them), whether you're here for a romantic break, a family holiday, or just getting away with some friends.  We've included QR codes so that you can scan the info into your phone and head off; we'll also have a folder here with all the info for anyone who likes something a bit more traditional!

We've been doing very well with bookings - many of our lovely guests booked immediately for the new season whilst they were here in 2015 - and are looking forward to being included in the new Glamping Getaways book being published by Cool Camping later this year, as well as a fun nature at night book coming out this summer.  Very much looking forward to seeing familiar faces in the new season and meeting new guests when we re-open for Easter!  And very excited to see that we're top of the list for Mumsnet's Top 10 Glamping Sites!!  Delighted to be taking bookings already from the Mumsnet crowd. 

And, we've made more marmalade!!

Pergola in progress