Busy Autumn

We've just heard that our planning application has been approved allowing us to operate the yurt business, so we're now able to progress some repairs and improvements to the barn (as an R&R space for yurt guests), and get to grips with the logistics for building the yurt decks, the outdoor showers and compost toilets.

Mellow fruitfulness

The past few weeks seem to have revolved around flora and fauna, judging by the current crop of photos.  Despite the wet August and September, we've been having a good time working on the meadow, roping in gallant friends and encouraging them with copious amounts of food and drink.  

Busy few weeks

It's been a busy few weeks, with the fun, heat and mayhem of Latitude followed by serious work on planning and building regulations during a damp August!

Sumer Is Icumen In

The grass in the field is being cut, with our very own hay bales to follow shortly. With no rain for the past couple of weeks, the process was very dusty, but lovely to see the shapes the tractor makes while avoiding our willow beds and elders. The hay is being cut by, and going to, the cattle farmer just round the corner, which feels good and local. The local birds of prey were out as soon as the tractor had finished...


We had a great time at the "setting up a yurt campsite" course in Wales, learning lots and inspired by others planning similar ventures. And staying in the Mongolian Yurt was fantastic - so much so that we've ordered it, for collection in October. They are wonderfully snug, with thick felted wool lining and a cast iron stove (you can see ours here, puffing out wood smoke in the early morning). Our group of 6 spent a couple of hours putting up a large yurt, as a practise run; I just hope we can remember how!

We've begun...

Our English yurt has been delivered (a marathon trek across country from Bodmin - thanks Tim), the raised decking and plywood base are almost complete, we've been on the "how to set up and run your own yurt campsite" course in Wales, and plan to place an order for our first Mongolian yurt within the next few days!