Bell Tent is open for business!

Our brand new Bell Tent is up and running for the season and looking gorgeous!  Bell Tent is giving Barn Owl a run for its money on the romance stakes - one engagement already with more celebrations in the pipeline.  Remember that if you have a special occasion to mark you can order a bottle or half bottle of Adnams champagne to be nicely chilled awaiting your arrival, beautifully presented along with two of our vintage champagne glasses.

Suffolk Walking Festival Accommodation!

We love exploring the lanes and footpaths and are looking forward to the 7th Suffolk Walking Festival, running from 10th May to 1st June.  We're very handily placed for Walk number 31 through The Saints (well worth exploring!) on 19th May and number 32 through nearby Harleston.  You can have a look at the Festival Programme here - there's stacks of different walks for all tastes, so if walking's your bag, why not sign up?

Spring Glamping!

Those of you who have been following us on FaceBook will know that we've had a busy week!  We've had the best weather for putting up all 4 yurts and have enjoyed being out in the glorious spring sunshine.  We've been sowing seeds and planting potatoes in the veg beds, ready for the new season and are really looking forward to welcoming our first guests at the end of March.  The Easter holidays are looking nicely busy, with lots of returning guests, which is always encouraging!

Special Offer Glamping Breaks!

We love seeing our guests here and, frankly, we love seeing them here for longer than a weekend, so we've taken the bold step of reducing prices (outside the high season) to encourage you to stay longer.  Have a look at our new prices and be tempted, very tempted!  If this year is anything like last year, May will be glorious (at least in Sunny East Anglia) and you'll be kicking yourself if you've failed to take advantage of our amazing low prices.

Supermoon Night Walk with Dixe Wills!

Having run a couple of Night Walk events in 2012 and 2013, we're going one better this year, taking advantage of a "supermoon" in September (when the moon is slightly closer to the Earth and can seem up to 14% larger and 30% brighter).  Suffolk is great walking country and if you haven't been out for a night walk, then it's definitely worth factoring this event into your plans for the year (especially if one of your New Year's Resolutions was to enjoy new experiences!).

Yurt Gift Vouchers

Give something different this Christmas!  We're offering Gift Vouchers for Christmas (or for any other time...).  Choose a minimum of a two-night break in any of the yurts and pay the usual price - we'll create a lovely Christmas gift voucher to send you for presenting to a loved one as an extra special present.  And upon arrival at Ivy Grange Farm, they'll get a special welcome with a bottle of chilled Prosecco to enjoy at their leisure.  We can post the vouchers right up until the last posting date, so don't worry if you've left it late!

Romantic Breaks

Planning an engagement, celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary or just want to re-kindle the romance?  In its short life (3 years and counting) Barn Owl Yurt has proved to be the perfect romantic retreat for couples and so we've decided to create a new Romantic Break package for 2014.

Pizza Oven Course

We're just back from a one-day course in Fleggburgh in Norfolk (just an hour's drive) run by Kate Edwards, learning how to build a pizza oven from cob.  There was a great group of us and we had a lovely time learning all about cob and making the oven (we decided to add a dragon design to the oven, though I'm not sure how dragon-like it is!).

Our fun Full Moon Night Walk

With a heavy cloud-covering all day on Saturday, we were quietly resigned to a night walk without the benefit of the moon or stars as our group of 7 night walkers gathered for a campfire supper of chilli and jacket potatoes.  Fully equipped with torches, flasks and maps, we climbed aboard Neal's Minibus and set off into the dusk for the start of the adventure!

Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival

All you foodies out there, take note of the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival coming up later in September.  There's masses to see and do as well as a vibrant fringe festival (yes really) with events taking place throughout the whole of East Suffolk which is earning a great reputation as a foodie haven.