If you’re a fan of WG Sebald’s Rings of Saturn, you’ll love staying here; the area he describes in the novel is sitting on the doorstep, waiting to be explored.
Whilst Roger Deakin’s Waterlog covers a much wider area than Suffolk, it has its roots in the county, and there are lots of references to local swimming spots. You can also listen to Roger narrating A Cigarette on the Waveney (it’s the name of his canoe rather than an actual cigarette) on the BBC iPlayer. Meanwhile, Notes from Walnut Tree Farm is based mainly at Roger’s home in Mellis, south of here.
Richard Mabey, author of Flora Britannica amongst many others, is relatively local and often gives local talks. His Nature Cure book is rooted in the Norfolk landscape.
There is a newly published edition of George Ewart Evans’ Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay illustrated by David Gentleman. It’s a great social history of a farming way of life now gone.  David Gentleman lives in a small village about 6 miles away and has just published a new book In The Country, beautifully illustrated, about this area.  
Sports journalist and wildlife writer Simon Barnes lives locally and often gives local wildlife talks.