Green Things

We take our green credentials seriously, but mainly so that you don't have to!  We don't wear hairshirts and want you to have the best time you can, whilst leaving the smallest footprint.  This means that, without you even having to think about it, the water for your woodland shower is heated piping hot by a wood pellet boiler and solar thermal tubes, so that we're not creating carbon emissions.  Other easy things are feeding all our tiger worms on your old veg peelings and food scraps, which means we get great compost to help our pumpkins grow huge!  Seasoning logs supplied by local tree surgeons for you to burn on the campfire is a way of keeping things as local as possible and transport to a minimum and likewise having a range of salad leaves, herbs and fruit and vegetables for you to pick (at no charge) during your stay.  We manage the meadow without use of fertizilers or pesticides and we are now reaping the rewards, with snakes head fritillaries as well as our first bee orchid and the hedgehogs and owls like it too!

We love to see people park up the car and take the bikes out on the quiet country lanes and explore the best of what Suffolk has to offer - it's one of our favourite ways of seeing the county and we're always happy to recommend routes.

We were delighted to be awarded the Carbon Charter Gold Certificate in 2014 and in 2015 to win the Suffolk Greenest County Sustainable Tourism award (not least because we loved meeting Chris Packham!).  Thank you for helping us on this journey!