Pizza Oven

Our cob pizza oven has been hugely popular with guests since we built it 7 years ago and now that we've added a covered pergola and long oak trestle tables and benches, we've loved seeing guests sit out eating pizzas and making new friends as the sun goes down.  If you've never tried making your own wood-fired pizza, then you're in for a real treat.  It's a "slow" form of cooking (the best in our opinion!) as the oven takes between 2-3 hours to get to full heat. Handily, this is about the same amount of time as it takes the dough to rise, which is always a job that kids enjoy.  We've got all the equipment here (a long-handled pizza peel, tongs and bellows) as well as beautifully sized and seasoned wood and, from the honesty shop, strong flour and yeast so you don't have to worry about bringing big bags of flour with you.  There's always a good supply of oregano growing in the herb trough, chives, rocket and basil during the summer months.  Check the photo below for instructions if you are keen to plan ahead (all the info is here too and we're always happy to show you how it works).  We believe that no holiday experience is complete without tasting a wood-fired pizza!

Built from cob using our own clay - having been on a course led by Kate Edwards across the border in Norfolk - a pizza oven is a great thing to learn how to make - highly recommended for the experience of making and the taste of wood-fired pizza is unparalleled!  We had some help making the over from one of our young yurt guests, Elijah, who has named the oven Fishy-Dragon!.  

How to build a cob oven (see photos below):  first you mix the cob (part clay, part sand, part gravel plus water with straw in the mix for the bricks that go on the outer side of the oven - none on the inner side, near the fire, for obvious reasons).  Build a sand dome and then build your bricks of cob around the dome; two layers of bricks followed by a clay plaster to finish.  Decorate as desired and then cut out cob to create the entrance.  Leave for a couple of days and then scoop out the sand; leave for a further week to dry and then fire for a good 24 hours to ensure it's dry.  Then make a pizza and enjoy with a glass of something in the setting sun!