Bike Ride around The Saints

The Saints – an area to the West and North of us - is a collection of hamlets, 12 of which carry a Saint’s name and each has a church; the lanes are quiet and serpentine and are our favourite place for cycling. We often head out for a short spin, or, when the mood takes us,for an extended tour - when we first moved up here we loved getting “lost” in the Saints and you can bike for miles hardly seeing a car.


What to do: 

Take a journey for as long or as short as you like, just make sure you take a map with you!


Turn right out of the gate, left at the end of the lane and when you reach the main road it’s left and first right down Grub Lane and you’re there.

The fun of The Saints is discovering it for yourself; it covers a huge area and you can easily spend half a day in a different world.  A favourite afternoon out in The Saints would finish with a visit to one of the two pubs - The Rumburgh Buck or St Peter’s Hall – and we’d follow a loose route ending at one of these for an early evening drink, taking in a church or two on the way and an occasional stop to watch a barn owl.  Or ring the changes and set off late morning and have lunch out!

The Rumburgh Buck is a 16th century traditional country pub with good food, regular music evenings, great beer and a welcoming atmosphere.  If the weather is fine and you want to enjoy peaceful surroundings watching cows grazing, visit St Peter’s Hall (adjoining St Peter’s Brewery which does regular tours!) a 15th century former abbey, with a moated beer garden - the perfect rural idyll in the middle of nowhere.  The beer garden is a wonderful place to sit and watch the sun go down before a leisurely pedal back to your yurt.  As ever with country pubs, calling ahead to check opening/food times is always recommended.