Canoeing from Geldeston

This is our favourite place to take out a Canadian canoe – you’ll see all sorts of things along this stretch of water, plenty of swans and very likely a kingfisher or two; there are also otters around. The scenery is gorgeous and you will feel as though you’ve been on a proper adventure by the end of the trip.


What to do: 

Having booked your canoe, set off for RowanCraft (near the Wherry Inn) in Geldeston, a pretty little village on the River Waveney. You can hire a canoe for a whole or a half-day (morning or afternoon) and you’ll know you’ve had some good exercise by the time you return!

After your safety briefing, hop into your canoe and enjoy! We’d suggest you head upstream (turn right once you are out of the marina) and paddle all the way up to Ellingham Mill, a beautiful spot and a good distance to cover. On the way back we’d recommend stopping off at the Lock’s Inn, a wonderful riverside pub serving good food as well as a great range of ciders and beers; there’s a large beer garden with benches and you should be able to find a place to moor up alongside the pleasure boats, using the ladder to get out of the water which is an adventure in itself!

If you decide to book a canoe for the whole day, you might want to take swimming things with you and shore up somewhere along the river, or you can swim by the Lock’s Inn just upstream of the footbridge, which is the cut-off point for motor launch navigation, so it’s just you and the swans.


Book your canoe from Rowan Craft Marina (especially in peak season)

Free parking at the Marina