Full Moon Walking

Each month we lead a full moon walk, doing pretty much what it says on the tin! The routes are local, within a 20-30 minute drive at most and the walks themselves are around 5 or 6 miles; yurt guests and local walkers make up a group of around 15 or 20 and we always have fun.

What to do: 

Walk at night by the light of the moon. The routes are generally off-road and we don’t use torches (except for occasional road-walking if we meet a car or for checking a map). Once your eyes are attuned, it’s an amazing experience!


We have now amassed a good collection of full moon walk routes and are happy to advise once you are here if you want to head out on your own for a night-time walk; the week of a full moon (covering the full moon itself and a few days either side) are best in terms of light levels.

We are fortunate to live in an area that suffers very little light pollution and continue to be amazed at how wonderful the night skies are in our part of Suffolk. Or you can join in with our regular full moon walk – we aim to cover a range of habitats and will often include a pub somewhere along the way; barn owls have become a regular feature of our walks and we’ve even been fortunate enough to see a nightjar on a walk across Dunwich Heath.

We post the route and timings for each walk on our FaceBook page a couple of weeks in advance, so make sure you Like us to keep up to date with news of the walks.